Peter Croonenberghs @ NABLAB Brewing Conference

PETER CROONENBERGS ir | Brombeercompagnie - CVO Gent

More than 30 years ago, Peter began his career. As a brewing engineer at the former Brouwerij Artois, he found a structural foundation to keep various microbreweries operational. After touring small breweries in Flanders, Wallonia, and Northern France, he decided to become a teacher. Teaching is Peter's second nature. He has been 'the brewmaster' in adult education in Ghent for almost 20 years. Due to his profound interest in innovation in brewery infrastructure, Peter founded the "Brombeercompagnie" to provide advice, planning, and installation for small-scale breweries. Peter in a nutshell? Driven, passionate, and modest, he goes through life humming.

Joeri De Maere @NABLAB Brewing Conference


Joeri is a power and automation engineer and spent the first 20 years of his career in the process world. It was here that he came into contact with the brewing sector and realized that he felt like a fish in water in the world of beer. He decided to turn his passion into his profession and work in the brewing sector. The mix of knowledge from microbiology to process is the greatest asset.

ELIA  MYNCKE ir | Innovation centre for Brewing & Fermentation (UGent/HOGENT)

Elia obtained his master's degree in bioengineering sciences in June 2021. Subsequently, he pursued his passion for brewing and fermentation by working as a scientific researcher on the TETRA project NABLAB, conducted at IBF (UGent/HOGENT) with KU Leuven Gent as research partners. Over the past two years, his research has focused on the use of commercially available alternative yeasts for the production of non- and low-alcoholic beers. In this context, the potential of various alternative (un)malted raw materials was also evaluated to further enhance the physicochemical and sensory properties of these innovative NABLAB products.


LUC AEYELS ir | Masterfilter - UniTec

Luc is a biochemical engineer with a specialization in brewery and an engineer in environmental remediation. After his military service, he has worked his entire career in the food industry, specifically as a supplier. He is the managing director of the companies Unitec NV and Masterfilter NV. Unitec specializes in the development, construction, and commissioning of process installations for the brewery and soft drink industry, with nearly 30 years of experience. Masterfilter is a supplier of filtration systems for various industries, including breweries and soft drink companies.


As global director product development and application, Ben Souffriau is responsible for brewing technology and ingredients development at AB Biotek and supports brewers worldwide on application of the new line of brewing yeast, named Pinnacle. Ben has more than 15 years of experience in brewing and fermentation, both in academia and in industry. Before joining AB Biotek, Ben has obtained a PhD in biotechnology from KU Leuven university and worked as a global fermentation scientist and as product developer at AB InBev. Ben has extensive experience on non-alcoholic beer production, he developed and implemented several new non-alcoholic beer products in different breweries and has practical experience with most low alcohol technologies.


ALEXANDRE THOMAS master | Metarom Benelux

With a Master's degree in Aroma and Perfume Engineering from the University of Montpellier in hand, he began his career as a junior flavorist at Metarom Benelux. It is there that he trained in the world of beer by developing flavors and applications for brewing clients. Today, with the growing popularity of non-alcoholic beer, he faces new challenges in the field of flavor.


Studied brewing and beverage technology at the Technical University of Munich-Weihenstephan and holds a PhD in natural sciences. Furthermore he graduated in economics for engineers at Hagen Open University. After roughly ten years working in research and development, with a strong focus on aseptic bottling and processing technology with multinational companies from the mechanical engineering and beverage manufacturing sectors, he is leading the Technical Support Team for the Beverage Technology business line within the Material Protection Products business unit of LANXESS Deutschland GmbH.

VIJAY NAHAR master | Lanxess

studied (BSc) Biomedical Sciences with a specialism in Microbiology and has an MBA from Aston University, UK. He has worked in the beverage industry with Lanxess for 13 years with a strong focus in the UK, Ireland, USA and Europe. Vijay has a technical, sales & commercial background with experience in working with large multinational food & beverage organisations & manufacturers across different regions in both the non-alcoholic & alcoholic sectors to provide microbiological stabilisation solutions. He leads a team as the Head of Sales for South Europe for the Beverage & Food business line within the Material Protection Products business unit.